Tiger's Eye 101

Oh hey good looking! Ready to learn about the gorgeous crystal Tiger’s Eye? Ya me too! Here are some fabulous facts about this precious stone!

tiger's eye facts
tiger's eye
tiger's eye 101

It’s a fabulous protection stone

Tiger’s Eye have been worn as talismans (or necklaces in the modern age) and there is a reason why! They are meant to protect the wearer against evil curses, negativity and your basic ill wishes. Not only does it help to block other people’s bad intentions, it is awesome to help boost your self confidence, and courage. So get ready to stand up against those who try to wrong you!

It is the perfect stone for motivating you

Are you one of those people who gets lost in the clouds immediately as soon as you start on a task? Then definitely keep this stone with you at all times. This crystal helps to keep your feet on the ground and focus on the task at hand. It also helps you to realize that you have everything you need to accomplish your goals!

Tiger’s eye is perfect to keep on your desk in your office! Keep it near by and soak up the energy so that you can focus on that paper that is due, the report that is needed or even if you just need to complete your to do list. No task is too small to not use your Tiger’s eye!

It’s known to help you slow the heck down

If you are anything like me, then you are just go go go!!! Tiger’s eye is great because it helps you to slow down your mind so that you complete one task at a time. This is also perfect if you are like me and several hundred thoughts go through your mind at any time and you’re like okay bro one major thought at a time!

They don’t call it a creativity stone for nothing

Tiger’s eye is great when you are creatively blocked, because there is usually an underlying reason why. A lot of the time it has to do with your self confidence. Don’t worry Tiger’s eye will clear that up in a jiffy. So keep it on you, in your office or creative work space because it will push you to recognize your talents!

It is not limited to just 1 colour!

Tiger’s eye is usually a beautiful brown and yellow stone, but it also comes in a fabulous shade of blue, red or gold! Perfect for any outfit!

Keep it around when it’s time to work on that budget

Tiger’s eye is not just used for creativity and confidence. No, no. It’s also used to help with any financial troubles. So the perfect time to bring that out is during bills time, monthly budgets and tax season. Because I am sure we all need a little help at tax season!

Works hand in hand with our solar plexus

It’s no surprise that this crystal works well with our solar plexus chakra. They are both meant to increase our creativity, and help manifest our most wildest dreams. This is because they both help push us out of our comfort zones. Instead of being held back by fear, tiger’s eye forces you to go “hell ya I can do this”.

Use it with these crystals for a wicked combination

Citrine and Tiger’s Eye- Great for magnifying abundance and relieving money worries

Serpetine and Tiger’s Eye- If you are interested in a Kundalini awakening, then use both of these crystals to help with the process.

What are some of your quick tips about tiger’s eye? I would love to know them!

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