The Quirky Spiritual Misfit Book Review- Crystal Rx

Disclaimer- It drives me nuts spending money on books just to find out it bombs, so I want to hopefully help some poor soul not make the same mistake as me in some cases. So here lies books of spirituality, new age, personal development and anything else that might make you grow as a human being. So best of luck!

So to kick off this series I choose the book Crystal Rx by Colleen McCann. Why? Because it was like a breath of fresh air. Let me explain.

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Crystals are not a foreign concept to me

I own a lot of books on crystals. Obsession could be a word thrown around my household. So I made a deal with myself. You know the kind- I promise I won’t buy any more books on this topic. Oh look shiny! But I was serious about not buying anymore books, because they were all starting to say the same damn things. The same properties were being listed, the same cleansing techniques, the same charging rituals etc. So why spend another $30-$40 on a book to tell me the same the thing. Yet I find myself always going back to Chapters, always going to the new age section and always seeing if there was a new book to sneak into my collection. Yes sneak.

So when I found this book, I put it back 3 freaking times. Yeah that’s right. 3 times! Yet, somehow it still ended up going home with me. I don’t know how that happened! Shrug*

So the basics of the book

So every crystal book follows the same general outline:

  • basic crystal care

  • crystal cleansing

  • crystal charging

  • individual crystal properties

  • crystal shapes

After awhile it gets to be pretty boring and you are hoping to find something new. Anything new!

This book has that, but gives a more “well rounded education” for beginners. I throw that in quotations because obviously you will need more of an education, but it is more then you will get out of any of book you will read.

Colleen recognizes that it’s not just about knowing the crystals, it’s about how interact with them in your every day life. So she includes:

  • the history of crystal medicine

  • chakra rituals

  • astrology and crystals

  • altar preparations

  • home decor

  • crystal infused drinks (and which ones to stay away from)

  • self care rituals

Basically she wants you to be bff with your pet crystals and walks you through step by step how to make your bond stronger.

Working with crystals has always been easy, but if your confidence has been lacking, she really makes you feel at ease and make you realize that you can’t screw it up!

Does the author kick ass?

Hell ya! Fashion stylist turned shaman, Colleen McCann really proves that you are not meant to be stuck in one path for your entire life. She was able to really blend both of her passions ( fashion and mysticism) and create a path that is epic for her. You really got to see things from a different perspective. She does not come off as boho or “new agey”. In fact she she mentions about wearing fake eyelashes and high heels to work. Talk about living up to her Spiritual Misfit standards.

She loves to put things in terms that everyone will understand. So that those who don’t feel like they belong in the new age category can still appreciate the beauty behind each crystal and ritual. Rather then throw fact after fact at ya she wants you to see what she sees.

She even gives you mystical homework to help you bond with each crystal. How cool is that? She really does not leave you hanging with anything.

What makes this book fabulous

So this book could just provide the information and call it a day and it would still be an awesome book. But Colleen was like “nah screw that” and she decided to step outside the box. Why just get her opinion and her perspective on things when there are so many in the crystal industry who are extremely knowledgeable about the science of them, the use of crystals in technology, crystals in other industries, and so on and so on. She talks to everyone from shamans, to fellow fashion stylists, to engineers and geologists so that you get a well rounded idea of how crystals are important in every aspect of your life.

It’s easy for people to not believe, when they think there is no connection between crystals and science. So it is awesome to not just get her opinion and perspective, but to get other people’s as well.

My favourite part? When she asks each and every one of them- what crystal would you be? Colleen if you are reading this I would be a citrine!

Any faux pas?

I wish for the first book in this series I could find some serious things I disliked about it, but honestly I couldn’t. It was honestly so different from the other crystal books I read, that it just made my reading experience that much better!

I hope she comes out with more! But until then I guess I give this 5 out of 5 crystals!

Peace, love and creativity


5 crystal rating for crystal rx
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