The 3 Quickest and Easiest Ways to Pick Your Crystals In The Crystal Shop

You walk into a crystal shop and suddenly dozens of crystals are at your fingertips. What do you choose? How do you choose? There are too many freaking choices! Not even just between the different names, but the formation as well. Do you want a generator? Tumbled? Raw? Wand? OMG stop mentioning all the different choices! It makes your head want to spin. Am I right or am I right?

So before you go to your next crystal shop check this out! I have 3 easy peasy ways to choose your crystals in the crystal shop!

How to choose your crystals
How to choose your crystals
How to choose your crystals

1 Let your intuition be your guide

So you’re just starting working with crystals? Yay! Welcome to the best rabbit hole you could ever fall down! Seriously. It is what got me started on my rediscovered spiritual path about 5 years ago now. Wow, 5 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long!

When you walk into the shop take a second to just relax and clear your mind. Make sure to keep it very open and just take a couple of breaths. This will help you to put yourself into the right mindset to accept any crystal that jumps out at you.

If you like you say a little intention to yourself such as “I accept that the universe has a plan for the crystal that speaks to me”.

Don’t be afraid of looking stupid in the shop. The people working there are used to seeing people take their energy to a whole new level. They will also work with you if you need help.

Next, walk around the store. Look at the different crystals, BUT DON’T READ THE DESCRIPTION! At least not yet. We’re going to judge a book by its cover here for a hot sec. I want you to look at each crystal. See if any stand out to you.

Here is where you need to keep an open mind. Don’t dismiss one because it’s not PRETTY enough for you. We just want to see which one stands out. Your intuition will drive you to the right crystal.

Find one that you like? Maybe more than 1? If you are like me you probably chose at least 5. Now hold each crystal in your hand. Just one at a time! Is it vibrating in your hand? Does it give you the tingles? What sort of emotion do you feel?

How you connect to the crystal is very important. True story: I have an Amethyst ring that was given to me when I was a young teenager. I love it! When I go to the crystal shop and touch an Amethyst or hold it in my hand I feel like my chest is too tight. But if it’s a gift my body seems to accept it more.

So make sure that you see how the crystal feels in your hand. Does a certain emotion wash over you? Does your body feel tense or relaxed? If you find that your body feels tight? Hematite does this to me. Don’t dismiss the crystal yet. It might have touched by someone else who had some really negative mojo going on that day. Try another stone from the bunch. If you are noticing it doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies then maybe it is not the right stone for you right now.

If the crystal you have chosen feels right then just hold it a second and say thank you. It might feel silly at first, but you really want the connection between you and the crystal to start off right from the very beginning.

2 Come prepared to work on a certain emotion or emotional situation

This is my 2nd favourite way to pick a crystal. Only because it’s quick and painless and when I need to get in and get out without spending a ton of money this is my go-to method. What am I dealing with today? Do I have a cloud over my head? Am I wanting to continue on my fabulous mood? Am I struggling to focus (which seems to be the issue lately)?

Am I dealing with a tough situation at work? What about some energy vampires? Can’t sleep? Scared of flying? Oh, the possibilities are endless! Seriously. So it’s a quick stop at Google, type in “crystals for….” and I am ready to go.

That at least points me in the right direction and I am ready to go. I now have a few possibilities and am ready to get started. I can then follow my intuition and find the best one or buy all of them.

3 Let the employees at the shop decide for you.

Okay, this is the one that is my favourite. It can be a lot of fun to let someone else use their intuition to choose for you. These people work alongside these crystals every day and should know them inside and out.

They may ask you questions, or if they’re empaths they might have a sense of what you might need. My only piece of advice to fully being accepting to the crystals they might choose for you. If you go in there without an open mind then you are not doing yourself any favours. Trust me on that one.

These are just 3 ways to choose your crystals. They are meant to help the beginner get started. I know what it’s like to walk in there and WANT ALL THE THINGS. I swear we turn into kids at Disneyland.

But take a deep breath, focus and let yourself enjoy the ride. You got this. Once you start feeling comfortable choosing your crystals you can then go and try different techniques such as a pendulum. But baby steps first!

Happy shopping!

Peace, love and creativity!

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