Selenite 101

Who here is ready to get on the same level as Selenite? I know I am!

It is the crystal to use when doing any spiritual work

This crystal is the crystal to use because it really brings a sense of peace to you. It helps you to calm down and focus on the spiritual activity in front of you.

It is also the type of crystal you want on hand to help you do any sort of moon rituals. It really helps you to connect with the moon’s energy.

Selenite 101
Selenite facts

It is an amazing protection stone

To keep peace in your house and negativity out, keep at least piece of Selenite in the house. If you want to maximize the protection put at least one piece in each of the corners in the house. This will help to create a protective grid around the house.

Make sure to also have a piece on your altar so that any spirits’ or strangers’ energy doesn’t touch the rest of your spiritual items. Think of it like Gandalf: “Thou shall not pass”

It helps to clear your mind

Ever have those days where your mind is just mush, because you are super stressed out and you’re just plain confused? Then suddenly any new information just makes your mind confused and want to explode? I am pretty sure this happened to me yesterday.

Well this crystal will help you to focus on the task at hand, and have a better insight as to what the bigger picture is for you.

But that’s not all!

Selenite is a great piece to clear out the dead energy in the room. Get rid of any negativity with little to no effort with this one. Also try to keep them near door ways, closets, and under the bead. That is usually where we forget to smudge and sometimes there can just be some unwanted energy in there too.

Do not get it wet

Fun fact! Selenite dissolves when wet. So that’s going to be a hard no to cleansing it in water.

So how do we cleanse it?

That is the beauty of this stone. It is self cleansing! So no need to run it under water, stick it in some dirt or sage the negativity out of it. It’s already been done for you!

It works to connect you to your angels

When it comes to meditation, definitely keep this on you. It will help you to focus and calm your mind, so that you can receive messages from your angels. How cool is that? Make sure to keep it in your dominant hand if you would like to receive messages.

It’s a great energy booster

Oh it’s not just you that feels the effects of a Selenite crystal. Nope, crystals feel it too. And very very strongly I might add. Their favourite part? The fact that a piece of Selenite near by will boost their energy as well!

Okay, admit it. I have you sold on Selenite now don’t I? Ya I do! So get yourself a piece!

Peace, love and creativity


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