Rose Quartz 101

Ready to bring some love into your life? Hell ya you are! Alright then let’s learn a little more about the awesomeness of Rose Quartz!

Love yourself first

Before loving someone else, loving yourself first is important. Sometimes people get them a little backwards. That’s where Rose Quartz comes in handy. It will help you to remember how freaking fabulous you are. It will make you see your positive qualities rather than focusing on what you see as the negatives.

This crystal will make you see that you are worthy of love and that you don’t need someone else to tell you how fabulous you are, because you already know!

rose quartz 101
rose quartz

It works one on one with the heart chakra

It really should not surprise you to be honest. When it comes to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is basically it’s ride or die companion. Why? It amplifies love and makes it so your heart chakra is balanced and at peace.

It helps to get rid of any negative feelings, and helps to heal any deeply emotional issues. Jealously? Yep gets rid of that. Anger? Banished! Basically it helps to get rid of the negative and only brings in pure emotions.

Rose Quartz belongs in the bedroom

In order to maximize the attraction of love, keep a piece of Rose Quartz in the bedroom. Preferably by the bed. If you want to take it a step further then keep a piece on both sides of the bed. It is suppose to help attract the potential for a new relationship.

It has a gentle power to it

Some crystals power is so grand that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but not Rose Quartz. Nope, this crystal has more of a gentle power to it. It knows that in order to beat negativity, it needs to covers you with compassion just like a blanket. Blankets are comforting and gentle, same as Rose Quartz.

Amplify it with some of these items

Sometimes even crystals need a little bit of help. So if you are attracting a new relationship, or wanting to work on yourself then surround these crystals with some rose petals and pink or red candles. Take pride in your little set up and appreciate the gift that is Rose Quartz.

It fights off the nightmares

Does your little one suffer from nightmares? Or maybe you do? Keep a piece of this crystal under your pillow to help bring in positive and sweet dreams, rather than terrifying nightmares.

It helps with a potential mid life crisis

Before you hop out and buy a new mustang (I LOVE mustangs), consult your panel of Rose Quartz crystals first. Figure out what it is that is driving this Rose Quartz and really figure out if you NEED this car or really NEED to change your life, or if you are just needing to work on loving yourself and your life unconditionally.

So are you ready to bring a little Rose Quartz into your life? Ya you are! Let me know in the comment section below if you have any in your collection or if you plan on going out and buying some!

Peace, love and creativity

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