Orange Calcite 101

If you look in my crystal collection you will more than likely notice my two big pieces of Orange Calcite. They are the crystals I didn’t know I needed. And I won’t give them up for anything.

Get to know your orange calcite
Get to know your orange calcite
Get to know your orange calcite

The emotions it brings out are fantastic

So why am I so protective and proud of my orange calcite? Because it gets me in touch with my joyful and playful side again. It’s hard not to find a reason to feel like a child again when looking at this bright orange crystal. it’s stunning!

It’s full of positive energy

Keep it in places such as your kids bedroom, or you living room. It will help give a positive energy to the room and cleanse the area of any lingering negative energy. Since you and or your family spend a lot of time in the living room, it is not surprising that arguments tend to occur there every now and again. Keep this gorgeous orange crystal near by to remind everyone to be happy and energetic.

It is aligned with your lower chakras

Is your sacral chakra a little blocked right now? Maybe you’re feeling like your creativity is in a rut? No worries. This calcite is a great stone to work with in order to bring your creativity back to forefront. So meditate with it, visualize with it and brainstorm with it. You will see your creativity come back and your sacral chakra unblocked in no time.

It’s your creativity’s new BFF

Speaking of creativity, maybe you need some new innovative ideas. Maybe your ideas are feeling a little lack luster lately. If you can’t bounce ideas off another person, then consult your crystal. It is a great catalyst for inspiration. Don’t feel weird talking to your crystals. If people can do that with plants, then you can do it with crystals. It will also help you to make some space for new ideas to flow freely.

it brings the light back to your day

It is also fantastic to work with, when you are struggling to balance your emotions. Maybe you are having a down day, anxious thoughts or just overall feeling bleh. Orange Calcite is a great crystal to help bring your emotions back to a more balanced line. Think of it as the ultimate crystal for a complete 180.

It will give you a sense of purpose

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions in your life? Maybe you are feeling like you lost your way in the world? I am currently going through that myself and if I am being perfectly honest I have been going through this for the last few years. So again break out the calcite and get a little bit more clarity in your life.

Afternoon slump?

Do you start to fall to pieces around 2pm and need a nap? Maybe you dying to pull the covers over your eyes for a wee little snooze. Unfortunately you are stuck at work and it’s frowned upon to take a mini siesta at your desk. Keep the crystal on your desk and get that bolt of energy you have been desparately needing.

So have I sold you on a piece of Orange Calcite yet? Maybe you already have a piece! If you do then tell me what you love about it!

Peace, love and creativity

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