Labradorite 101

I once had a dream. Nope not that kind of dream. Nowhere near the level of the iconic Martin Luther King dream, but it was a good dream.

I can’t remember the dream, but I remember 2 details. I woke up with the word Labadorite in my head and the name Caliel. Intriguing? Yep! Jumped up out of bed and needed to know what was going on ASAP. Turns out I was having a dream from my Guardian Angel. His name is Caliel. He is the guardian angel for those born between June 16 and June 21. He is also the angel of truth and justice.

Labradorite Basics
Labradorite 101
Connect to the crystal labradorite

I am telling you right now I did not know that until my dream. So there was no way for me to subconsciously dream that.

So the other thing I dreamt about was Labradorite. Now this was not a stone I had considered buying before. Not going to lie, the next day I went out and bought one… yep all because of a dream.

So here is some awesome information about the crystal that woke me up out of a deep sleep!

It’s a highly mystical stone

Colour me not surprised with this one. You know with the dream and all. Labradorite works well with connecting your energy to the universal energy. It helps you discover what your spiritual purpose is in the world and strengthens your intuition.

Take your time with this crystal.

It is a fantastic crystal to work with in order to get some negative energy out of the area. So if you are feeling fearful, insecure or a little bonkers (you know if your mind is like- squirrel!) then this is the crystal to keep in your pocket or in your hands in you are trying to meditate.

You start to own your sparkle

Unless you really do prefer to be a wallflower, you probably want at least a little sparkle thrown out into the world. I mean why wouldn’t you? Labradorite is a fantastic crystal to energize your imagination and for you to finally get the courage to dance to the beat of your own drum. Oh heck yes! It’s time for you to shine.

Spiritual energy a little lackluster at the moment?

Everyone goes through a rut every now and again. Spiritual burnout is totally real! If that’s how you’ve been feeling lately then now is the time to bring out the Labradorite. It will give you a spiritual boost, help you to trust the universe and everything that it has to offer you. It also gives you the strength to believe in yourself and the spiritual work that you are doing.

Perfect for introspection

Are you going through some personal changes in your life? Maybe you are transitioning in some sort of way. If you are, then fantastic! During this fantastic transition time, make sure to journal how you are feeling. If you are struggling to get the words out, then keep this crystal near by so that you focus on your introspection work and then come out swinging!

It is connected to the 3rd eye chakra

Remember all that intuition, and spiritual growth? Well that works hand in hand with the third eye chakra. If you start to notice things like brain fogginess, lack of concentration, intuition is hiding and just in a sort of a “heads in the clouds” sort of moment don’t worry! Just break out your labradorite and start to work with it on a daily basis. You should notice a difference in a few days.

So when is the last time you worked with Labradorite? What did you think? Did you love it? Of course you did! Let me know what you think about it!

Peace, love and creativity