Fluorite 101

Fluorite has been a crystal that came out of nowhere for me. And oh wow I wish I picked up this piece sooner rather than later.

Let’s get started!

It’s a great protection stone

Okay so I talked about how Selenite is a great protection stone. It’s so fabulous against any sort of negative forces. Fluorite helps to protect you against any sort of electromagnetic stress. You know that stuff that comes from phones, computers and tvs? The 3 things we can’t seem to live without. Oh yes those things. So try to keep a piece of Fluorite on your desk or on your phone.

Fluorite 101
Fluorite Facts

It’s organization’s BFF

Fluorite is not necessarily a fan of chaos and doesn’t want you to be either. It figures that you shouldn’t have to suffer when you could enjoy the peace that organization can give you. That also includes within yourself as well.

It’s great for spiritual growth

If I could go back in time I would have picked up one these bad boys a lot sooner than I did. It is great for helping you through your spiritual awakening. Then once you are in the shiny object syndrome phase, it helps to bring you back down and grounds your spiritual energy so that you can focus on one thing at a time.

You won’t be so closed minded anymore

Oh hell no. Fluorite is a great crystal to really help you open your mind and look at all the possibilities of a situation. It really helps you to deal with any feelings you have deep down, clears some of the outside noise and come up with some awesome brand new ideas.

Self confidence an issue?

Not any more! Keep a piece of this crystal on you through out work or dealing with ridiculous people in your life. This stone will help you find your voice and stand tall. You got this.

Keep it by your side through out life

Are you currently going through something? Maybe you feel a little stuck. Been there on more than one occasion. So I get it. But this crystal is the perfect thing to help get you out of that proverbial mud. In fact this crystal is so focused on organization that it wants you to make progress in your endeavors. So set your intentions with your piece and keep it near by. Make sure to keep saying it on a regular basis. And make sure to say thank you afterwards! Every piece of crystal wants to hear a thank you every once in awhile.


Peace, love and creativity


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