Carnelian 101

Energy? Seems like Christmas almost. It comes, we get freaking excited. We do all the things and want it to last forever, but in the blink of an eye it’s gone, and we have to wait again for it to come around. What if Carnelian was your ace in the hole to making your Christmas-like energy last a little longer? Intrigued? Good!

Let’s do this!

carnelian stones are the energy boost we all need
Get to know your carnelian
Carnelian stones= creativity

Swap your coffee for Carnelian

Got the morning blahs? I feel ya! It takes me at least 2 cups of tea in the morning before I remember my name. So instead whisper your intention to your carnelian stone and then spend your first 15 minutes meditating with it on you! Oh yes, you will want to physically touch this crystal and soak up all the energy!

Keep it close when a loved one has passed

I don’t know about you, but death damn near terrifies me. But it’s nice to find out there is a little mythology when it comes to carnelian and death. It is said in Greek mythology that carnelian crystals were placed with those who passed so that they could transition to the afterlife with no issues. How perfect is that?

I even wrote about creating an Ancestor Altar for Samhain and Halloween (even though you could technically have it out all year round). Make sure to check it out! I included Carnelian in my Ancestor Altar!

Tell your ovaries to quiet the f**k down

I am very VERY prone to cysts. Ladies, we all get them every month, mine just linger like a horrible house guest. I’m just like GET OUT!! It is said that if you put carnelian stones on your pelvic area, it is suppose to help soothe it like a lullaby.

I’m desperate enough to try just about anything. That’s actually why I got started with crystals in the first place. Western medicine wasn’t doing diddly squat for me, so rather than going the drugs off the street route, why not try Chinese medicine, crystals, and just about anything else that makes people give you a second glance.

I have to say though I went from Ovarian Cysts and hospital visits every couple of months (at one point every couple of weeks), to now just 1 or 2 times a year. Suck on that Western Medicine.

Light that creative fire in your belly

Right now as I am right this, tohe days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Not everyone feels the creative spark when it’s pitch black at 4pm in the afternoon. Even though it does trick you into thinking you are suddenly a night owl. Hoot Hoot.

But how are you suppose to feel creative to work on your own projects when you got 5 billion other things going on in your life? Carnelian to the rescue! Whether you are at your desk, your couch, the kitchen, your craft area, or anywhere else your creativity normally likes to run and hide on you that is where you need to keep a piece of carnelian close by.

It will help motivate, inspire and keep the energy flowing! Go Girl Go!

Be Bold, Be a Badass

Is there an area of your life that you small and less than? Maybe it’s in a relationship, in the way you dress, at work, at home, or some other way you are not quite willing to admit to yourself yet. Now is the time to stand up and be strong. It takes a lot of courage.

So if you need to have a strong conversation with someone, then keep a piece in your pocket. If you want to wear bolder clothes, then add a piece of carnelian to your outfit. You have the courage inside of you, I know you do even if you don’t believe me. You just need a gentle, but firm push and that’s what Carnelian can do for you.