Amethyst 101

Alright new week, new crystal! So what crystal are we focusing on this week? Well I’m glad you asked! It’s Amethyst! Yay!

I am so glad for this week because I love Amethyst! It was my very first crystal I ever received. It was from my grandmother in a ring of hers. I absolutely love it! So let’s find out why!

Amethyst facts
Amethyst 101
Amethyst 101

It is the king of protection stones

This beautiful purple stone is extremely powerful in so many ways. One of which is because it helps to block negative energy. Think of it as your own personal force field where negativity won’t break through.

It is the go to stone for meditation time

If you just want one stone for your meditation time, then definitely go with Amethyst. It helps to promote tranquility and allows you to go into a deeper understanding during your meditation. It will help your mind to settle and allow you to focus on your breath or on an object.

It is your best friend during school or work hours

Think of it as the study aid you have been missing all your life. Everything just makes more sense when it’s around. That’s because of a few things. It really helps you to focus on the task at hand, increases your memory and gets you motivated to get going.

It is also great for the mind because not only can it calm you at times, but it can also stimulate it when you need it. Seriously it’s like it knows what you need at that moment and then it just gives it to you. How cool is that?

It plays nice with the chakras

More specifically it works well with the throat and crown chakra. It really helps to purify the mind. Like I said about the force field it will help to take those negative thoughts in your mind and make them more positive.

It also helps you to find the right words to get your message across without jumbling them and making the listener confused. Sounds like the perfect crystal for me!

It works well against bad dreams

Pair this with a dream-catcher and have a fabulous night sleep. If you are prone to nightmares, then definitely keep the piece of Amethyst under your pillow. That force field is fabulous!

It helps to promote sobriety

There is a reason why you should keep this on you if you go to the bar. Amethyst translates to Greek as “not drunken”. Here is a great piece from Energy Muse:

“According to the myth, the god Bacchus was angry, and had vowed to descend a hoard of tigers upon the first person who crossed his path. Amethyst was on her way to give thanks at the shine of the god Diana, when she happened upon Bacchus. Before the tigers could eat Amethyst, she was saved by Diana, who turned her into a clear crystal. Bacchus, remorseful for the fate he had so recklessly caused the girl, poured the juice of grapes over the stone as an offering, and thus bestowed the crystal with its unique purple coloring. The greeks gave amethyst crystal meaning, perpetuating a belief that it could inhibit the intoxication of all who wore it. “

It is perfect for stress and anxiety relief

Amethyst has really strong healing properities. It is suppose to help with physical, emotional and psychological pain. If you are dealing with some stress in your life, then try laying on your back, and meditating with Amethyst on your forehead.

It is a common, but beautiful piece to decorate with.

Yes, Amethyst is beautiful to wear, but honestly it is more popular to decorate your home with. Get yourself a nice cluster of Amethyst and put it in your living room to help tone down any business or in the bedroom to help against bad dreams.

So what do you think about Amethyst? Is it one of your favourites? Let me know!

Peace, love and creativity

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