Amazonite 101

And we’re back with another awesome and beautiful crystal! You ready? Let’s go!

This week it’s all about the gorgeous Amazonite!


Keep it in the room with the most technology!

This beautiful stone is extremely powerful. It works wonders because it helps to absorb cell phone emanations and protects against electromagnetic pollution. So keep it around and between you and a piece of technology.

It helps you see things from a different perspective

Are you very one sided when it comes to an argument or problem? Well keep a piece of Amazonite on you to help you see all sides of the equation. This will help to keep you calm and allow the problem to be fixed quickly and more effectively because you are willing to see multiple solutions, not just the first one you come up with.

It helps keep you calm

Blue is already a very calming colour. It has been known to present a very calming atmosphere when dealing with people. So it really is no surprise that the colour of Amazonite has the same effect. It helps to get rid of any negative feelings you might have and calm any fears you might have.

It kicks major butt with two of the chakras

If you struggle like me with stumbling over your words (welcome to my day to day life) then keeping a piece of Amazonite on you is perfect because it really does work well with the throat chakra. It will also make you want to communicate with love and compassion rather than anger and contempt.

It also works well with the heart chakra. Again, because of the love and compassion it helps instill in you. So keep it on you so that you can work on balancing your heart chakra.

It keeps you aligned with your true self

Do you deviate and go off your true path from time to time? You don’t need to admit it, I know you do! I do too. ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. By keeping this crystal near by at all times, you will find it easier to stay on track and keep your activities aligned with you and the lifestyle you want.

It is your new spiritual BFF

When it comes to your beliefs, this crystal will help keep your eye on the prize and remember that your beliefs are just as important as someone else’s even if they don’t believe the same things you do. Make sure to keep a piece in your meditation area, sacred space or altar.

It is the good luck charm you didn’t know you needed

Are you into board games and video games as much as my boyfriend? Probably not, because no one is into them as much as he is, but maybe you are into them a healthy amount. Hunny if you are reading this, LOVES YOU. Keep a few pieces on you as a good luck charm and crush your opponents in a great defeat.

It is a good luck charm when it comes to business adventures, It is meant to bring you prosperity and luck.

Looking to manifest the life you want?

Hell ya you are! So to help you out keep this Stone of Hope on you when you need to be working (or if you’re visualizing) on building that epic lifestyle you are craving! You got this!

There you have it! Some fabulous and quick facts about Amazonite. What facts you do know about it? What do you use it for? Let me know!

Peace, love and creativity

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