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Think Outside the Box and Create an Obsession

Think Outside the Box and Create an Obsession

In a previous post I talked about living a life of passion (check it out right here!). Today I want to expand on it and tell you a bit about my weekend. Today I want you to focus on thinking outside the box, stepping out of your comfort zone and creating an obsession.

Over the last year I have been coming up with awesome idea after awesome idea. I haven’t quite put a lot into action, but the overall theme of the ideas, is for this brand. I keep thinking about all the awesomeness I want to create with it. I want to build a community for women to reconnect with their creativity. I want to take a little time out for ourselves. I want to provide all the information I can through videos, ebooks, blog posts and so much more.

But for myself and my creativity I came up with an awesome business idea that I am ridiculously over the moon about. I basically eat, sleep, breath this idea 24/7. I am pretty sure I drive my loved ones nuts. My apologies. Actually I shouldn't apology because the greatest ideas and designs come from obsessions.

How do you think that J.K Rowlings came up with Harry Potter, Steven Spielberg made Avatar or George Lucas made Star Wars? Ps I am not saying that I am on the same level as any of these people. I am just making a point that an obsession can lead to greatness. If I can work on my obsession and make it a reality than so can you!

So this past weekend my bf went away for a guy's weekend. I had 48 hrs to myself in the apartment where I could get as much work done as possible on my business plan. I am definitely not done it, but oh wow did I get ever get a lot done. Plus a few projects got done along the way. Overall it was a fantastic productive weekend.

So I will give you my number one tip that helped me massively over the weekend. When coming up with a creative project or business think outside the box and tackle it from another angle. Trust me it works. Sometimes when we tackle the same ideas with the same train of thought we limit ourselves and don't push ourselves to a new level of potential.


When I normally attack and brainstorm I use loads of notebook paper and end up getting lost along the way. I end up with too many thoughts all over the place. This weekend I decided to do something different. I bought 12 pieces of poster board and pinned them to the walls. I created topics and subtopics on all the boards and had everything in the right order for me to then transfer it to the business plan.

I researched the ideas that I already knew I was good at and had them all planned out, but then realized that if I only did these ideas then I wasn't pushing myself. So I continued researching and found several different diys that I can incorporate into my plan. I wouldn't have even considered them if I didn't want to do better. To be better.

My bf was adamant about taking a break every now and again to play video games. In fact he messaged me several times to see if I had. I had not. He raised a good point, about how if you take a break for a little bit it will help boost productivity. He is not wrong, but I decided to do something else for my breaks. This leads me to my second tip. When taking a break do something creative. It doesn't have to do with your project, but definitely do something creative. Maybe a different craft, or try a new recipe. Something that will still allow you to be doing something, rather than laying in front of the tv, which can lead to laziness. I decided to finish my mom's mother's day gift. It was enough to let my mind wander, but still do something fun.

So I believe that if you follow these tips you can create anything out of an obsession. Just remember though, you've got to want it bad enough to achieve it!


When I originally wrote this, we were still living in the apartment. Moving hadn’t even been a blimp on the radar and my plan was to move ahead with this idea by November. Man it was all laid out, and step by step how it was going to be amazing. My idea? A holiday subscription box! I still have all these plans ready for when I am ready, but because life is nuts I have decided to postpone this idea for a little bit. But I am curious what do you think of a holiday box? Maybe a box for each major holiday? What do you think? What’s your opinion?

Let me know in the bottom below!


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