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7 Ways to Create a Craft Area in a Small Home

7 Ways to Create a Craft Area in a Small Home

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I have lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment. It is actually a decent size and for the area I live in, relatively cheap. Problem is, that when I originally got this apartment I was single. As a single person I had a lot of stuff, and that was after I decluttered from a previous move. Now that my bf came into the picture, we have A LOT  of stuff. I mean A LOT of stuff. So our living room not only was a living room, but a dining room and office/craft area as well. It was ridiculous. We just bought our first home in June and yet to unpack a lot of it. Even though the house is huge in comparison to the apartment, I sometimes feel like clutter is easily becoming my best friend.  So since I know the trials and tribulations (yep big word there), I thought I would share some of my tips for creating your own craft space. Good luck!

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  • Invest in cube organizers. Seriously. Let them become your new best friends. Not only do they hold a lot in them, but you can also stack them. Word to the wise, not all brands are the same size or even the same shade of white. Just something to keep an eye out for!

  • Put up floating shelves. We just put up 2 shelves (not floating ones) in the living room, and while they don't hold my craft supplies, they do hold our collectibles. It definitely gives the illusion of less clutter

  • Find creative storage solutions. Storage does not need to be a regular old box that is unpleasing to the eye. Choose things like a storage ottoman or a decorative box or chest. I keep all my pen pal letters in my chest so that they don't fall everywhere and it cleared up so much space.

  • Minimize the little knick knacks. I love to personalize my space. It is mine, so why not show off my personality. Unfortunately that limits my space on my desk. Now I only keep my two Troll Dolls and My Little Pony on my desk. It's small so it stays out of the way

  • Label everything. In order to organize things and know where they are you need to group things together and label them if you can. Not going to lie, I am awful at this, but I am getting better. For now everything is grouped together, but I am going to need to make cute labels really soon!

  • Don't buy everything under the sun. For the lucky ones that can buy everything they want, I am jealous. I want your craft space. As much as I would like to I don't think I can fit anything else into my apartment. Try to buy only what you need and not every pretty sparkly thing at Michaels! I think I am trying to tell myself that more than you guys!

  • Keep your table space clear. Nothing worse than trying to work when the desk or table is messy and cluttered. I won’t lie, as much often as my desk area is messy I really do get excited for a clean work area. I am weird I know! Try to clean up once a week at least!

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It is possible to get set up in a small space. You just have to get a little bit creative! Show me some of your creative spaces! I would love to see them!



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