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How to Find Your True Passion In Life

How to Find Your True Passion In Life

Find your passion. What's your passion? Are you passionate? Passion! Passion! Passion! When talking about what makes us happy, or what we would like to do in life, the word passion gets thrown around A LOT.

Growing up we get told we can be whatever we want to be when we grow up. It's a wonderful notion and allows us to come up with some outrageous ideas! Astronaut, police officer, doctor,  writer, dancer are just a few of the career choices that kids make when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?". While all of these jobs are available, they are not for everyone. There are thousands of other jobs in the world too! While they pay well (and some not so well) they may not be what we're passionate about. But it's a job, and we have to pay the bills. Am I right?

8 steps to find your passion
How to find your passion
Find your passion

So that does mean we should go through the rest of our lives not passionate about anything? Does that mean we should not take an interest in things that don't make us money? Absolutely not! We should be even more passionate about things in our spare time, to balance out the 40+ hours we work a week.

But Amanda, I don't have anything I am passionate about!Sorry, but I am calling BS! Everyone does. It just maybe buried deep inside. Don't worry in just 10 steps here we will find out your passion! Since I recently went through an AHA moment myself about my passions recently I thought I would include my answers to each of the steps, so that we can go through this together! Let's get started!

Step 1- Ask Yourself the question, be open to the process and work towards the answer.

What is the question? It's simple. What am I passionate about? Allow yourself to be open minded in order to unlock your mind and memory. You may be surprised at what you might find at the end of the process.

Step 2- Realize your passion doesn't necessarily mean it has to be your job.

I work as an SPD tech. Basically I clean and sterilize the surgical equipment. It's a good job, but it doesn't excite me the way other things do. But the department is good, the people are nice and it is a job that allows me to live a decent lifestyle. So there is nothing wrong with keeping it!

Unfortunately now (or maybe it was always like this and I am just noticing as an adult), there is just no way for everyone to make a sustainable career doing the thing they are 100% passionate about. Not everyone becomes million dollar hockey players, or actresses or astronauts. It would be lovely they did. I don't mean that to be a Debbie Downer trust me. Even though we can not all make millions from our passions, we can still include it in our lives. We can play hockey for fun, take improve classes or study astronomy. Yes we can STUDY for fun. I am shocked too!

Step 3- Write some lists.

Things I like to do- Read, write, watch movies, create things, learn about different things such as religions and the metaphysical, walking, collecting items, watching movies, water parks, play games, dance, travel and cook

Things I don't like to do- Watch hockey (oh how Canadian am I), go to bars,  making small talk, bake (I am just awful at it and it is stressful), talking about politics, amusement parks (I hate roller coasters and they hate me) and flying

What did I enjoy doing as a kid- Collecting bugs, Irish dancing, school (big nerd), write short stories and poetry, anything to do with mythology and history (certain events in history), religion studies

Work on these 3 lists. You might see some common themes, and you might see some contradictions. The point is to let your mind relax and have some fun. You may not even think of some of these right away. I literally had to ask my mother some of the activities I hate to do.

Step 4- Answer these 3 questions.

1- What is one topic you could you spend the rest of your life reading or learning about?

Definitely world religions, mythology, and the metaphysical. I love to think that there is so much out there to learn about.

2-What could I do for 5 years straight without getting paid?

Watch movies. Let me be real here for a sec. I learn best from books and movies. As much as I love books, I love movies even more. I love to watch  fantasy movies the most, but I also love to movies based on true events. I love getting sucked into another world. Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad.

3- What  would I spend my time doing if I won the lottery?

This one is easy. It is a dream of mine to go to Greece for 6 months to a year and learn everything I can about Greek mythology. Like it literally excites me to my core thinking about it. To visit Athens or see any of the ruins would be the ultimate prize for me.

When you ask yourself these questions it really can be an eye opener. You never know what you might find.

Step 5- Pay attention to your conversations with people.

Some dinner conversations include politics, some include religions. Some are just about how your day was. Pay attention to the conversations you have with the people around you. Do they excite you? Are you bored out your mind and constantly looking at the clock? Associate yourself with the people who enjoy having the same conversations. You might learn something or teach something new.

Step 6- Meditate and Visualize.

 Sometimes it's just a matter of sitting down and just thinking. Visualize different things and take notice as to how they make you feel. Your mind will let you know what excites you. Need a little extra help visualizing? Create a vision board! Have some fun with it!

Step 7- Try new things,  enjoy the process of finding out and quit the negative talk.

Think you can do something? No time? No energy? It's all in your head girl! Time to get out of it. Try new avenues. You might fail at some of them and that's fine. You can't be in love with everything. And if you fail, so what? Laugh at yourself and move on to the next thing!

Step 8- Celebrate when you figure it out!

Like I said I had sort of an epiphany myself recently. You obviously know from this blog that things like self discovery, creativity and spirituality excite me.  I decided to dive deeper into that. I realized that I always had a fascination with world religions, and spirituality. This excites me more than I thought was possible. I can explore it further and see how it can affect my creativity and self discovery. It all comes full circle. So how did I celebrate? By getting started of course! I have already started watching Youtube videos and reading. The more I learn, the more excited I get!

When you find out what you are passionate about, don't wait to get started. Start today and enjoy the hell out of it! The longer you wait, the more likely you will talk yourself out of it. So I am curious what are you passionate about? Let me know in the comment section below!

Want to dig a little deeper? Then check out my 5 day email challenge and really figure out what you are passionate about!


Peace, love and creativity!

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