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How List Making Can Expand Your Creativity

How List Making Can Expand Your Creativity

I am truly a sucker for list making. I probably spend too much time making them to be honest. I start every day by writing out my to do list and I end off the night checking it off. I spend a good deal of time writing out ideas, and lists through out the day as well. Some people like crosswords. I like to make lists.

What is it about lists that is so satisfying?

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List Making Boosts Your Creativity Energy
List Making
  1. It's a great visual tool to see everything that is floating around in your brain. Ever feel like your brain just hurts because there is so much going on in it? Been there, done that have the entire t shirt collection. By creating lists I can organize my thoughts and know how I am really feeling about something.

  2. It helps with memory issues. There is a reason why your mother and your mother's mother wrote out grocery lists. Too many times we have all come home without the milk. By writing things out things don't necessarily go in one ear and out the other. We have everything in one place and that will help us to remember what we need to when necessary.

  3. Lists help with the details. Are you a wing it sort of person? Fly by the seat of your pants? By creating lists we can make sure we remember all the important details that might not necessarily come to us at the last moment.

  4. Helps to make goals achievable. Okay this is where lists can also be a negative. If you are so focused on what you need to do to achieve your goals, you might not push forward and actually achieve them.

  5. It is just too satisfying when you check things off. I am definitely guilty of this. I even go a step further and track how much I did that day. I have an illness I know lol. But you have to admit at the end of the day seeing all those check marks makes you feel a little bad ass.

The List of 100

One of the first things I ever found on Pinterest was something called the  List of 100. Trust me go to this site and read about it. If you don't then here is what you want to know!

The List of 100 is a tough exercise. You choose a topic that you want to brainstorm about. You sit down and you list out at least 100 things about that topic.

Why is it tough?

The tough part about this exercise is that you have to do it all in one sitting. It's important, but man can it take a freakin long time. It took me over 2 hours for one of mine. Why one sitting? It's easy to come up with at least 25 things. They're sort of obvious and at the front of your mind.

Then things get tricky and stubborn. Ideas start to slow down. You have to dig deep and really try hard in order to find some genius ideas. Some will be random, some will be good, and some may not even make sense. Just go with it.

Then it's like all of a sudden a light switch goes off and the next thing you know the last 25-30 are some genius ideas. These ideas are exciting and fresh and will point you in the right direction. Focus a lot on these ideas.

Topic Ideas

Here are some topic ideas to help you get started on your list! Pick one just for fun and get started!

  1. Summer bucket list

  2. Creative project ideas

  3. Blog topics

  4. Recipes

  5. Places to see

  6. Things that make you happy

  7. Things you would like to try

  8. Movies you want to see

  9. Movies you have seen

  10. What you would buy with 1 million dollars

By the time you get to 100, you might realize that you have even more ideas that you need to get out. Don't stop if that's the case. Keep going! See how far you get!

After The List

Okay don't get stuck on the list. Sometimes unfortunately we can get so focused on making these lists that we forget the next part. DOING IT. Whatever is on the list, go out and do it. These lists will have brought certain things to mind and trust me you're going to want to do them. So be awesome and accomplish all the things on your list!


The List of 100  is a great way to figure out what you're passionate about.  Utilize it if you are looking for new hobbies, reconnecting to old ones or just wanting to find something that excites you. If you are looking to figure out what you're passionate about, then definitely check out my new 5 day email challenge!

Peace, love and creativity

PS The List of 100 is a great way to help beat Creative's Block. If you would like more tips on how to beat it then check out this post right here- https://www.creativitysparkles.com/creativity/5-ways-to-beat-creative-block

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