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Top Do's and Don'ts of Creativity

Top Do's and Don'ts of Creativity

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If you asked my mother she would probably say I learned to say no before I said the word mama. What can I say; I hate being told what to do. I probably heard the word no as often as I spoke it. That’s why I love being creative. I don’t have to listen to other people’s rules. I get to do what I want when I want. That being said I have come up with 12 do’s and 7 don’ts that I follow when it comes to my creativity.


1.       Do get inspired. Inspiration is the key to creativity.  It is even more awesome, when it comes out of nowhere. In the middle of the grocery store, walking down the street and even laying in bed late at night. Don’t tell me I am the only one who gets struck with inspiration in the middle of the night! You know you all do it!

2.       Share your ideas and your excitement.  This one is so important. Share your ideas with loved ones, and let them bask in your creative energy. Let them feed off of you! Who knows your idea may inspire them to try something themselves.

3.       Do try new things.  Trying new things can be scary, but also exhilarating.  You may not succeed or enjoy all the new things you try, but isn’t it better to have tried and failed, then to look back and regret not trying.

4.       Try a new change of scenery. Staring at the same four walls is not going to do much good for your creativity. Try going to the coffee shop, library or the park. People watching is the perfect way to get inspired.

5.       Start a creative journal. I am a huge fan of writing, and believe that all people should do it. Keep a journal by you at all times. Keep a running list of all your ideas and projects. Write down your feelings on each and every now and again go back and check it out!

6.       Do step outside your comfort zone. This one is really important if you are stuck in a creative rut. Try a new class, or new technique. Do not let your doubt take over!

7.       Do socialize. This one is especially important for the stay at home mommies and business entrepreneurs. I don’t know about you, but if I go too long without talking to another adult human being I tend to go a little stir crazy. There is only so much Tux will listen to me about.

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8.       Create an inspiration board.  Known also as a mood or vision board, create one and place it somewhere visible in your creative space. This will help you when you need to back on track and move forward with your projects.

9.       Listen to motivational podcasts and speeches. This is one I need to do more often. You can’t tell me you don’t feel more inspired after listening to a motivational podcast. Something about them really gets my creativity flowing.

10.   Follow through. I am what I like to call the “ideas guy”. I love to come up with ideas, I can plan them out and get really excited. Unfortunately half way through I lose steam and want to start the next project. I need to stop that, because when I complete projects I get a good feeling of satisfaction.

11.   Try a new hobby.  It doesn’t have to be a completely out there sort of hobby. Try something that is in the same vicinity as what you enjoy now. I will give you an example. I am a planner addict (shhh don’t tell anyone), which lead me to the Bullet Journal community on Facebook. Once I started doing that I then joined the Pen Pal community and fell in love with that.  It is a great hobby to try! It’s funny how one thing can lead to another.


12.   Do question things.  Creativity is all about looking at things and questioning how to make things better. I say go ahead question things and put your spin on it! The world is better for it!


1.       Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t even step into that trap. Nothing good comes from it and you sucker for this will let your doubt creep in.  Instead celebrate other people’s creativity as well as your own! The world deserves to have your projects as well as theirs.

2.       Don’t be a follower.   Creativity is all about showing your individualism. So don’t follow and copy other people’s work.

3.       Don’t judge. Everyone deserves to show off their creativity, just as much as you do.  Do not pass judgement on someone else’s work.

4.       Don’t close yourself off. When it comes to new ideas and trying new things do not close yourself off to doing it.  Try saying yes more than no.  Who knows where you’ll end up.

5.       Don’t be lazy. Get up off of the couch and get motivated. The longer you sit on the couch,  the more time is going to pass before you get motivated to get going.  Don’t let the days pass you by!

6.       Don’t over analyze. I am a victim to over analyzing. It’s a struggle and everyone goes through it at some point.  When you start feeling this way,  it is best to set it aside. Do something else instead, and come back to it with fresh eyes. Sometime when you are over analyzing, it is easy to get sucked into that trap and sometimes it is hard to get out of it.

7.       Don’t force it. Sometimes creativity and inspiration just won’t come.  No matter how hard you try, it just won’t come out.  When things like that happen, sometimes it is better to step back.  Try doing something else. It doesn’t have to be something creative, it can just be something mindless such as mini dance party, the dishes or for a run. Sometimes when you take yourself out of the situation and just let your mind wander, inspiration comes out of nowhere!


These are just some of my do's and don'ts when it comes to creativity. It really helps when I am working on projects. What are some of your do's and don'ts?

Peace,love and creativity



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