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Creative Myth Busters!

Creative Myth Busters!

When the word creativity comes to mind, immediately negative thoughts or myths arise. "I am not creative", "I have no time for it" or "it's too risky for me" are just some of things that people say. It's easier to think negatively and believe these types of myths rather than break past walls and believe in yourself.

Lots of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube prove that regular people like you and I can all be creative in our own way. With the economy and the job market the way it is, people are looking into creative outlets like these in order to create and maintain a sustainable business. So before you write  yourself off, let's look at 10 common creative myths and let's bust through them!

Break down creative myths
Break through those creative myths

1- I am not creative.

Alright let's just get this one out of the way. This is just the lazy way out. Everyone is creative. Not everyone realizes their potential with it though. Instead they are willing to accept limitations and boundaries. If your child came to you and said they were not creative, would you accept it? Probably not. You would tell them to work hard at it or to find a different way to be creative. So why should they follow your advice, when you can't do it yourself!

Creativity may not always come naturally to you. Instead you may have to work hard on it all the time. Learn everything you can about and put in the effort!

2- Creativity belongs to the arts or the inventors.

That may have been true at one point in time. A LONG time ago. Now though, creativity is shown in so many ways. We look up hacks on Pinterest to make our lives easier. We creatively come up with ideas to keep children entertained. We look for different ways to include creativity in our lives without even realizing it.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. That's how businesses are created and grown, home are decorated to suit our personalities and we enjoy everything that is in our lives!

3- What I can make is no big deal- everyone can do it.

Never think less  of yourself and whatever you create. Yes there many be others who can do what you do, but they certainly can't do it like you can. Put your own spin on it. Be authentic when it comes to doing your own thing. People will love it, because you put your stamp on it.

4- You either got it or you don't.

Uughh this one drive me nuts. No it's not something you have or don't. You definitely have creativity inside of you. It's actually whether or not you nurture it. I am horrible at this I will admit. When I am not good at something right away, I have a tendency to just give up right away. Instead I should be working at it consistently.

Once you find something you enjoy then work at it whenever you can. Learn everything you can about it and enjoy the process along the way.

5- I have no time for creativity.

We are all willing to fill our days with to do lists, and tasks, appointments and obligations. We personally make our days too  packed with things to do.  I will be honest, my daily to do lists are usually 20 tasks long. That being said I take some time each week and play around and do something creative. It doesn't always have to be a big project. Sometimes just spending some time on a Sunday afternoon just doodling is enough to let my creativity out.

So my advice is start small and spend one afternoon a week and just create something. Once you realize you have enough time, add a little bit every week. Taking some time out for yourself to do this will help you take care of yourself.

If you definitely think you have no time, then read this and realize that sometimes having a hobby can really help your health.

6- I am too old.

Why do people think they are too old for things? Anything really. It drives me bonkers. When did we start using that as an excuse? Sorry it just drives me nuts. Age is a just a number. We should always act on how we feel. How old do you feel?

No matter what age you are, if you just spend the time working on it, then your creativity shine at any age. In fact retired people have more time to spend on their hobbies, creativity and projects. So quit thinking you are too old for anything!

7- Creative people are too weird and spontaneous.

This one makes me laugh. I really tried to imagine what type of people this could be talking about and I don't believe that anyone is weird. Spontaneous maybe, but never weird. But let's humour this one for a second.

If we are talking weird based on looks, then I say stop judging a book by it's cover. In today's world it is more of a common practice to have purple hair, or tattoos then it ever was. When it was easier to spot the jocks from the brains, the princesses from the basket cases  (yes that is a reference to the Breakfast Club- go watch it. It's AMAZING!) we relied on stereotypes. Now a-days it is harder to distinguish between the groups.

Not all your creative people are going to be standing out in the crowd in the same way. That's the beauty of it. Everyone's personality will shine in different ways. 

When it comes to creativity, it is not always spontaneous. There is an awful lot of planning that goes into different creative projects. Sometimes it takes a lot of creative thinking, before a project ever begins.

8- Too risky for me

What is life without a little risk? But not all creative projects have to come with risks. Unless you think the  risk of failing to be great to even try? Failure comes with everything. It's a fact that is not appreciated by everyone.  Failure should push us further rather than stop us in our tracks. It's all about the mindset!

9-Creativity is for the dreamers

I bet you didn't realize that there is a little bit of a dreamer in all of us. We dream about the future, our plans, our bucket lists etc. You may not realize it, but in your mind you're already creating a life you want to achieve. So now you just need to channel that dreamer personality into other streams.

How can I turn my creativity or passion into a business?

How can I create more in my life?

How can I bring a little bit of creativity and happiness into the lives of others?

Ask yourself those questions and let your dreamer out for a bit to see what she comes up with.

10- My life has no room for creativity.

Everyone's life has room for creativity. It's just whether or not we take advantage of it. Some easy ways to include it?

  • Cook a meal with ingredients you wouldn't normally use

  • Create some organizational hacks to make your life easier

  • Have a hobby that helps to relieve some stress

  • Think of ways to either save or make more money- side hustles for the win!

Creative myths have a tendency to prevent us from pursuing things that make us happy. If you have let them block you from achieving what you want, then realize that you are not alone. Maybe you let those myths take over and you don't know what you are passionate about anymore. If that's the case, then check out my new 5 day email challenge and get back to enjoying what makes you happy!


I am sure there are so many more creative myths out there. What are some of the ones you have heard of? I would love to know!

Peace, love, and creativity

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