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5 Lessons to Learn About Creativity and Freedom From Children

5 Lessons to Learn About Creativity and Freedom From Children

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So for the last 5 days I have been hanging out with my 1 year cousin. Thankfully my mom is also here because it has been an interesting adventure. I haven't hung out with a baby for this long in a very long time. I can honestly say it has been a fun time. That being said, I learned a few things from her, that I think we as adults could learn (or re-learn).  So here are the lessons I learned from a 1 year old. 

1- Imagination is the key to everything. The awesome thing about kids? They can dream up the craziest things. My cousin may be 18 months old, but I spent time playing doctor with her dolls and ate pretend food that she made. They are willing to pretend and imagine everything and anything. We as adults encourage kids to be creative and believe in everything they do. This allows kids to grow! As we get older unfortunately we lose that. We  should tackle projects and creativity the way  that children tackle their day to day lives.

We need to spend more time expanding our imaginations in order to push our creativity to new heights. There should be never be limits, and we should really reach for the stars. One way to do that is by having  a strong support system that is willing to build you up rather than tear you down. A little positivity can go a long way!!

2- When life gets hard, take a nap.  A project not going your way? Frustrating as all hell? Sometimes it's better to give up for a little and maybe take a nap. The saying is true. Things always look better in the morning. Make sure to get enough sleep so you can tackle any project head on. Try to get your 8 hours in every night. This will help to recharge your battery and to avoid burnout. Also take at least 10-30 minutes a day to practice some self care and relax. Use at least one day on the weekend in order to relax, reconnect and reboot so that you can look at Monday with a smile instead of a frown.


3- Crying may not solve your problems, but let it out anyways. When you are in charge of your emotions and don't care what others think, then you will already know that it is okay to cry. Frustrated because of a creative block? Maybe it really makes you want to bang your head against a wall.  Alright ugly cry and just let it out! Babies and children don't care, so why should we? The best thing about it? Just like children once we let it out we should just move on. 

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When we keep frustrations bottled up, we can explode or implode at any time. We tend to focus on what is making us miserable, rather than the positivity we could put out into the world! Our creativity won't break out when we keep things in. Then we just get frustrated with ourselves. It's an endless cycle. Ugghh. Break the cycle now, ugly cry and move forward!

4- Colour and paint outside the lines. Every good rule breaker knows that when you step outside the line and tackle a creative project from a different angle we can really create a work of art. Scribble, colour or paint where ever you choose to on the paper. Sometimes it can really inspire new projects.


Colouring outside the lines can be therapeutic as well. Ever realize that when you scribble out something due to frustration you tend to feel a bit better? You probably don't even realize it. We are told usually to stay within the lines and limits of a project. Once limitations have been set, we have a tendency to let that determine the amount of effort we put into a project. Once we hit those limits, we think the project is over. If we aren't given limits, the project can be as amazing and creative as we want it to be!

5- Messes are more fun. What child prefers to be clean all the time? Be messy, be creative and have fun with it! Most children do not like to clean up their toys. What's the point when they're just going to play with them tomorrow? When their toys are scattered along the floor, children's imaginations see no limits. They combine different toys and games in order to imagine a new scenario to play in. That may not be the case if all their toys are put away. They tend to go with the first thing they see!

We as adults, are taught differently. With beautiful picturesque offices seen on Pinterest, we tend to gravitate towards the neat and organized. While that might work for some people, it doesn't work for others. Sometimes a little mess can inspire us to do something different!

So if you have a child, or a friend or relative has one then get down on their level, see things from their perspective and just have fun. What tips have you learned from a child recently?


Peace, love and creativity 



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