Think you’re not creative because you don’t belong to the traditional sense of the word? Before you say, “Amanda, creativity is just for the arts, I can’t paint, dance or act” let me stop you right there my friend. Creativity is all around us! We just have to look for it. A child can find creativity with the littlest thing. Trust me I know, because I had an entire band made up of my stuffed animals.  Adorable? Why, yes yes I was!  How does a child utilize their creativity? With a little imagination, pixie dust and a whole lot of passion!

We can have that too!  This section is meant to help you realize what your passions are, how to utilize your creativity and kick ass in the world. I want to help you bring sunshine and rainbows into your already awesome life. Why is your life awesome? Because it’s YOUR life and you have control of how you create it! Who cares what people consider to be creative. You don’t need to be good at drawing, or acting or writing. My speciality? Parties, theme days and the holidays. I LOVE to come up with ideas and just run with them. That’s my creative superpower and I am damn proud of it.



Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. No one should ever tell you how to express yours. You certainly won't find that here. I want to help you figure  out what yours is, how to stand proud of it and how to move forward.


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