10 steps to get you from being a slave to spiritual shiny object syndrome to having spiritual practices aligned with you.

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Made the decision to bring spirituality into your life and now you want someone to tell you where to begin and what to include? What if I could show you how to begin and taught you to trust your intuition on what to include? What if I told you, that you could do it in 10 days? YOU CAN!

What would your life be like if you felt confident enough to create your own spiritual path, rather than doing whatever everyone is doing?

Would you be more excited to try new practices such as working with crystals, manifestation, meditation, or a little moon magic? ABSOLUTELY!

Would you feel more confident about yourself and your spiritual needs? HECK YA!

Would you have a different outlook on life that allowed for more peace to come into your life? DAMN STRAIGHT!

Would you stop and slow down, allowing yourself to just breathe and take yourself out of the hustle and bustle for just a small amount of time each day? IT WILL BE LOVELY TO RELAX AGAIN!

Would you learn more about yourself and feel more complete, as if nothing else is missing from your life? A PRACTICE THAT IS SOOOO ATTAINABLE

Would you sleep better at night, wake up more grateful and became more mindful of the actions you take become a better, stronger person? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!

Would you find other people just like you, creating communities that focused on the same thing? THEY’RE OUT THERE!

Would you find acceptance WITHIN YOURSELF like you never have before? QUITE SIMPLY- YES!

Start your Spiritual Lifestyle Transformation Today

For Free!

Let’s get real for a sec.

Have you recently realized:

  • that there is a whole lot of unanswered spiritual questions out there?

  • that there might other ways to be spiritual that you never considered?

  • that there might not be a specific right or wrong spiritual path?

Oh good, me too! And let me just say it was a fascinating spiritual awakening!

Benefits to having a spiritual practice

Are you now so excited that you:

  • just want to DIVE right in and want to learn it ALL?

  • feel overwhelmed with all the different things you can learn?

  • now feel like your new lifestyle is more chaotic than simple (which is suppose to be the end goal)?

Been there, done that and wanted to buy all the t-shirts. Okay maybe not all the t-shirts but definitely all the books.


Ok let’s back up and start from the beginning.

Let’s get you on a path where you feel:

  • less all over the place and more focused on a spiritual lifestyle that is aligned with you.

  • more in control of your spirituality rather than drowning in it

  • like your spirituality is working for you, rather than you working for it.

  • like you want to continue with this new lifestyle rather than giving up and feeling frustrated

The Create Your Spiritual Lifestyle Workbook and 10 day email challenge is going to transform you from Stressed Out Chaotic Spiritual Newbie to Powerful Spiritually Aligned Goddess.

The best part is that it is completely free!

This guidebook and email challenge will teach you the 10 steps you need to achieve the spiritual lifestyle you deserve!

Don’t worry this:

  • will help you create your own spiritual path no matter what you practices you want to combine

  • will help you move forward in your spirituality.

  • will not hold you back or make you feel like you took 10 steps back

  • will help you get out of the research phase of all the things, so that you can start practicing sooner rather than later.

  • help you feel more of a substantial connection to your newfound spiritual path.

  • make you feel confident in yourself

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Start creating your epic spiritual lifestyle today!