Hey good looking! Welcome to Creativity Sparkles! A magical place where time stands still for just a moment, and we can embark on a spiritual or creative journey (whatever tickles your fancy) to help discover who we are again.

Do you?

  • look at yourself and think “damn I am fabulous!”

  • look at your lifestyle and say “It is filled with my awesome touch of sparkle!”

  • stare in awe at the wonders of the world and universe and want to learn more about it?

  • know where you belong in the world?

  • share your best parts of yourself with others?

  • let yourself sparkle when everyone else is being dull?

  • believe you are creative in ways that aren’t necessarily artistic?

  • follow your own path, no matter the belief systems you have locked in your brain already?

Well you should!

Hi! I'm Amanda and I am THAT girl who likes a bit of everything, and yet doesn't fit under one label or in one box.  I show other fabulous women who struggle with the same thing. Maybe you're crafty, but not considered artistic. Maybe you just dipped your toe in the metaphysical pool, but are keeping it hush hush. THAT'S OKAY! It's your journey! Where ever you end up, is where you are meant to be! Enjoy getting to know yourself again. I am sure your fabulous self is just itching to make an appearance!

So if spirituality (new age and metaphysical), creativity, and self discovery are your thing  then stick around for a little bit and see what's going on!

Creativity Sparkles is meant to help you discover your place in the world, connect you to your creativity again and enjoy whichever spiritual path you choose. I want people to be passionate about themselves and discover what makes you happy!  Sometimes we look at pictures and think where has the time gone? Who is that person? Through creativity and even some awesome spiritual techniques we can focus on regaining control on us again. We should not feel ashamed or guilty for wanting to put ourselves first. It's needed. 



Who Am I?


So let’s get to know each other shall we? I’m Amanda and Creativity Sparkles is my baby.

From day 1 I was the girl who if you told to go left, I went right. Sometimes out of spite, but sometimes because I really needed to follow my own path. My journey was my own.

Let’s talk about spirituality

I grew up in a household that was Catholic, but it was never enforced. That was honestly the best thing for me. Instead of having things shoved down my throat on a constant basis, I got to take my time and really appreciate and learn about Catholicism. Don’t worry, not getting preachy here, bare with me. I went to Catholic school, bible camp ( which was AWESOME- seriously kayaking, swimming, camping etc so much fun) and joined several committees and clubs at school. I was not the perfect Catholic girl by any stretch of the imagination, but it was great for a foundation.

One of my favourite religion classes was my grade 11 world religions class. I found it fascinating to see all these different religions in the world. It was nice to see that so many people could believe in something. People’s rituals, ceremonies and practices fascinated me.

Fast forward to my 20s. When my grandmother died, I found I couldn’t step into a church. Not because I stopped believing, or that I was mad at God. Nope I was just frozen. I needed to build my foundation for my spirituality all over again, but this time I needed to expand.

So I have spent the last 5 or so years following in love with crystals, energy from different aspects of nature, rituals and spiritual practices from different religions. I found a way to hold onto my belief system, but also create my own spiritual path. I feel comfortable enough to say “this is my journey!” and I will shout it from the roof top!

Creativity and Self Discovery go hand in hand!

I have always been the quirky and fun girl that unless you knew me, you would just stare at me as I walked by. Since I was young I always danced to the beat of my own drum (how many babies do you know dance to Billy Idol in their crib?) and to be honest I was bullied a lot for it. I wish I could say that was just from being a child, but sometimes adults had a few things to say too. You know what though? I stopped caring a long time ago.

I am definitely not artistic, but as a kid my family always helped me pursue different creative avenues such as creative writing, poetry and Irish dancing. Oh that was well before Michael Flatley made it cool. I have always had more fun being silly, then following other people’s ideas of cool.

Here are some Other fun facts about me:

  • I love ridiculous bright makeup

  • I absolutely love crystals

  • It’s okay to be a recovering workaholic- first step is admitting you have a problem

  • I used to hate crafting, and now I love it

  • I love all music. Anything from the 50s to now will generally have me moving and grooving. I used to be a raver and club kid! Concerts are my go to for music now!

  • I love movies- My favourite movie is The Little Mermaid, favourite series is the Planet of the Apes, but I will always have Harry Potter on in the background when I am working.

  • I buy books quicker than I can read them.

  • I like to believe I am organized

  • I constantly feel like I am not your typical spiritual person and am constantly looking for answers.

  • Creativity helps my anxiety

  • I am tired of labels

  • I have random dance parties

  • Yellow is my favourite colour

  • I am a typical Gemini

Let's Focus on You!

So if you’re in the same boat (which if there is a lot of us we may need a bigger boat), then definitely stick around and subscribe to the blog! Let’s go on a self discovery journey together and hopefully we will find out where we belong. Ready to take a life jacket and join me? Awesome!

 Is this blog right for you? Hopefully! Here is what I am offering you. A fun time getting to know ourselves, working on our creativity and having the confidence to share it with the world.  I really believe that universe wants us all to be creative in our own ways, so we will look at how crystals, astrology and other new age techniques help to boost our creativity, our happiness and our confidence. We all deserve to be our bad ass selves and show what we are made of to the world. Because I have a little secret to share with you. You may not have noticed it yet, but you kinda rock!

I may be quirky at times. You might find it amusing. We’ll share a few laughs and hopefully make ourselves just a little bit better than when we started. Who’s with me?!


Peace, love and creativity