Welcome! Aahh!  I am so glad you’re here! Welcome to my itty bitty part of the internet. A place for you and I to connect on a creative level. Where would we be without a little creativity in the world? I believe there are two types of people in the world. Those who are like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), living in a colourless life. Then there are those like Dorothy after she arrives in the wonderful land of Oz.

Why did I choose the comparison? Because I was the first Dorothy. Actually that’s a lie (sorry about that). I was the colourful Dorothy, then became the colourless Dorothy and now I am trying to find my yellow brick road again.


Every day we have so many obligations. Obligations to work, to family, to our partners, to our friends, and to ourselves. I am getting exhausted just writing that out. THERE ARE TOO MANY OBLIGATIONS!!! Sometimes because of that, our hobbies, our interests, our passions and creativity get pushed to the back burner. 

By the time the day is done, we are too exhausted to do anything more than Netflix and chill. Do we even remember what we did before we Netflixed? Before we Chilled?  We all talk a good game when we say that kids should get off their butts and go out and play, but when was the last time we did that ourselves? 

We shouldn’t have to set aside what makes us happy. Yes we will have major day to day obligations that we have to take care of, but hell we deserve to enjoy our “me” time too! Let’s get back to what makes us, us.

We shouldn’t have to wait for major life events such as finishing school, divorce, job change, kids going to school, or moving away to snap us back to reality and make us realize we forgot about the good times. At one point or another in our lives, I am sure we have all felt that way. We are not the same people we were 10 years ago. Do you miss that person? Do you miss their passion, their interests or their pizzazz (ya that’s right)?

Creativity Sparkles and Stirs is meant to help connect you to your creativity again. It is my key to getting back to playing. I want people to recognize their hobbies again. What is our passions? Do we even have them anymore? Are they anything like they used to be? I know, I know I am throwing a lot of questions your way, but I think it’s vital for us to remember what creativity feels like again.


Who Am I?


So let’s get to know each other shall we? I’m Amanda and Creativity Sparkles is my baby. It has inspired me to remember old passions and to modify them into something new and I couldn’t be happier. What started out as a craft and food blog turned into something a little bit different. As much fun as cooking and crafting is for me, I realized I liked talking about creativity and hobbies so much more.  If I can remember how much I loved to do things that interested me, then I figure I should share that with others. I want to be that best friend that cheers you on from the sideline, making you remember what activities you loved most.

 I was reminded that I can be quirky, and fun and not always “vanilla”. I can be a little rough around the edges and that is okay, because that is what will make this project so much fun. I started this blog as a way to let out some pent-up creativity. I realized after leaving my job of 10 years I forgot what my  passions were, lost my creativity and pushed away my favourite parts of my personality. All because I became hyper focused about my job and was too tired to do what made me happy. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Sound familiar?

I was the fun girl, who went out dancing, wrote poetry, threw themed parties and took random road trips just for the hell of it. I used to dye my hair purple, had a lip ring (which I pierced myself… don’t do that) and wore a lot of glitter. Then I entered the workforce. Had a great job for 10 years and as much as I loved it, it took over my life. I had to become the “professional”, which turned me into the workaholic and then my creative side died a slow and painful death. RIP 20 year old Amanda. Don’t get me wrong, I still got to use my creative super powers for good. I organized crew events, decorated for the holidays, and came up with some awesome theme days. Unfortunately, by the time I left work every day, I was an empty shell of my old self. Man, I was just so freakin tired.

Now? I work a completely different career path. It gives me less opportunity to be creative at work, (even though hair colour is a non-issue now), but more time to find out and enjoy what I like to do again. Wow does it ever feel fantastic, but OMG where do I begin? Starting is always the hardest part.


Let's Focus on You!

So if you’re in the same boat (which if there is a lot of us we may need a bigger boat), then definitely stick around and subscribe to the blog! Let’s go on a self discovery journey together and hopefully we will find out what our passions are. Ready to take a life jacket and join me? Awesome!

Creativity Sparkles and Stirs.png

Think you’re not creative because you don’t belong to the traditional sense of the word? Before you say, “Amanda, creativity is just for the arts, I can’t paint, dance or act” let me stop you right there my friend. Creativity is all around us! We just have to look for it. A child can find creativity with the littlest thing. Trust me I know, because I had an entire band made up of my stuffed animals.  Adorable? Why, yes yes I was!  How does a child utilize their creativity? With a little imagination, pixie dust and a whole lot of passion!

We can have that too!  This blog is meant to help you realize what your passions are, how to utilize your creativity and kick ass in the world. I want to help you bring sunshine and rainbows into your already awesome life. Why is your life awesome? Because it’s YOUR life and you have control of how you create it! Who cares what people consider to be creative. You don’t need to be good at drawing, or acting or writing. My speciality? Parties, theme days and the holidays. I LOVE to come up with ideas and just run with them. That’s my creative superpower and I am damn proud of it.

So why am I so focused on creativity? Like I said I have been both Dorothys.  Waaaaaayyyyy back in the day (Ok not too far, I am not ancient), I used to be the girl going out every party, I used enjoy throwing my own parties, I loved dancing, I loved going to concerts, I created lots of my own home decor and I loved to cook for family gatherings. I loved doing things that were not boring. At least in my eyes. Then I became the workaholic that spent 10-12 hours a day focused on work. I am not lying. Now that I am working at a different job, I have more time to give to my passions again. Man have I missed it.

Now I spent my time blogging, writing, cooking, hosting parties again, and creating little projects on a regular basis. I am enjoying life again and on my own terms. Now I want to help others  get in touch with their creativity again. 

So is this blog right for you? Hopefully! Here is what I am offering you. A fun time getting to know ourselves, working on our creativity and having the confidence to share it with the world.  I really believe that universe wants us all to be creative in our own ways, so we will look at how crystals, astrology and new age techniques help to boost our creativity and our confidence. We all deserve to be our bad ass selves and show what we are made of to the world. Because I have a little secret to share with you. You may not have noticed it yet, but you kinda rock!

I may be quirky at times. You might find it amusing. We’ll share a few laughs and hopefully make ourselves just a little bit better than when we started. Who’s with me?!