Hey good looking! Welcome to Creativity Sparkles! A magical place where time stands still for just a moment, and we can embark on a spiritual journey to help discover who we are again.

Hi! I'm Amanda, best known as the Quirky Spiritual Misfit. I am THAT girl who likes a bit of everything, and yet doesn't fit under one label or in one box.  I show other fabulous women who struggle with the same thing. Maybe you just dipped your toe in the metaphysical pool, but are keeping it hush hush. Maybe you want to combine some old beliefs with some new ones. THAT'S OKAY! It's your journey! Where ever you end up, is where you are meant to be! Enjoy getting to know yourself again. I am sure your fabulous self is just itching to make an appearance!

Amanda from Creativity Sparkles

What I believe your spiritual path should look like:

What your spiritual path should be

Do you believe in these too? If spirituality (new age, metaphysical, witchy and faith), and personal growth are your thing  then stick around for a little bit and see what's going on!

What Creativity Sparkles is meant for

 I Stand for the Spiritual misfits of the world.

Amanda From Creativity Sparkles

Do you feel like sometimes you are just meant to deviate from the path you grew up believing?

Maybe you have strong spiritual beliefs, but you want to take the scenic route and see what else there is in the world?

Have you ever felt like there are more questions than answers in the world?

Let’s be real for a sec. No one should ever talk you into believing in something blindly. Nope this world is meant to be discovered and you should look at all aspects of spirituality and create something for yourself.

So take a little Christianity, a little Buddhism, a little witchcraft or non of the above and create a delightful creative path for yourself.

I stand for the women who have the confidence buried deep within themselves to come out of the spiritual closet.

Telling your family that you believe or want to practice another way is never easy and is not a decision to be made lightly. You’re worried about what they may think of you, but even worse what they might say to you.

Does that mean you should hide in the shadows? Absolutely not!

But it does take time and sometimes just baby steps at a time. Moving forward no matter how small the steps is still moving forward.

I Stand for the Badass who is Finally Ready to do Things Her Way!

Hell yeah I am! It’s about time you join me!

When I am not here you can find me:

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Amanda From Creativity Sparkles

Let's Focus on You!

So if you’re in the same multi-coloured boat trying to figure out if you should be down stream with everyone else or taking a little trip into the secret cove, then definitely stick around and subscribe to the blog! Let’s go on a self discovery journey together and hopefully we will find out where we belong. Ready to take a life jacket and join me? Awesome!

 Is this blog right for you? Hopefully! Here is what I am offering you. A fun time getting to know ourselves, working on our spirituality and having the confidence to share it with the world.  I really believe that universe wants us all to be creative in our own ways, so we will look at how crystals, astrology and other new age techniques help to boost our happiness and our confidence. We will also look at different practices to help embrace the sparkle within us. We all deserve to be our bad ass selves and show what we are made of to the world. Because I have a little secret to share with you. You may not have noticed it yet, but you kinda rock!

I may be quirky at times. You might find it amusing. We’ll share a few laughs and hopefully make ourselves just a little bit better than when we started. Who’s with me?!

Peace, love and creativity


Let me get you started! Pick your destination!